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Individual Coverage

We value our clients

All too often the important needs of the individual are ignored by industry. We understand how hard it is to figure all this out on your own. With no Human Resources department to turn to, you might feel as if you’re left to navigate these waters on your own.

There is a solution for you

Each person is unique. We carefully listen to what you share and then develop the correct plan that will fit your specific circumstances.

We don’t disappear

Once your plan is effective, you continue to have access to our help and expertise. Whether it is a problem with a claim, or obtaining a medication or medical care, we are there ready to assist.

5 Steps To Selecting The Right Plan

  1. Remember that preventive care is paid at 100%.
  2. Keep in mind that most healthcare is obtained at a Dr.’s office or the pharmacy.
  3. Remember to evaluate total cost. Premium and Out of Pocket. The most affordable plan is often the catastrophic plan.
  4. Use of HSA plans to leverage tax reduction and savings plan strategies.
  5. Know well your likely costs as well as worst case scenarios.

3 Ways To Reduce Your Medical Bills

  1. Understand how to negotiate your medical bills.
  2. Be aware of coupons & cost sharing programs for high cost pharmaceuticals.
  3. Understand how charitable care works, and why this strategy is mistakenly overlooked.